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This allows teachers to clearly define and describe expectations for the assignment, and sharing the rubric with students will help them make sure they are meeting the learning objectives associated with the work.When it comes time for assessment, teachers can return to the rubric with clear guidelines for scoring each student’s work without ambiguity or surprises.Rubrics generally divide expectations into specific categories and offer a continuum of possible scores within each category.

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A grading rubric is defined as a scoring guide to help teachers and students understand expectations for each assignment, and also enable teachers to assess work fairly.

Each time a teacher creates a new assignment, they can make a rubric to go with it.

General — these rubrics can be used for similar performances such as a rubric for all final presentations, a rubric for all dance performances, or a rubric for all research proposals.

Criteria are assessed separately, as in an analytical rubric.

Because only one score is given, holistic rubrics tend to be easier to score.

However, holistic rubrics do not provide detailed information on student performance for each criterion; the levels of performance are treated as a whole.Rubrics are especially useful when grading written work, as they provide a template for grading each student, even when their writing style and topic may vary.Rubrics and Grading Teachers often look for transparent and dynamic ways to assess student work.You can build interactive rubrics in Blackboard to simplify the process of grading student work and returning rubric results to students.Interactive rubrics can be used with nearly every assessment method in Blackboard, including Assignments (including with Safe Assign enabled), short answer Test questions, and any Blogs, Journals, Wikis, or Discussion Board threads and forums that have grading enabled.A description and point value for each cell in the rubric defines the evaluation and score of an assignment.Determining which type of rubric to use depends on what and how you plan to evaluate.Creating a rubric from scratch will take time but may be necessary for a particular assignment.The following are school-based but are highly applicable to higher education.The feedback that students receive through a grading rubric can help them improve their performance on revised or subsequent work.Rubrics can also help to rationalize grades when students ask about your method of assessment.


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