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Aside from toy problems and demonstrations, the majority of problems require efficient numerical tools, many of which require the same base code (e.g., for performing numerical orbit integration).``Gala`` is an Astropy-affiliated Python package for galactic dynamics.

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[Example figure.](figure.png) # Acknowledgements We acknowledge contributions from Brigitta Sipocz, Syrtis Major, and Semyeong Oh, and support from Kathryn Johnston during the genesis of this project.

# References Purely financial (such as being named on an award) and organizational (such as general supervision of a research group) contributions are not considered sufficient for co-authorship of JOSS submissions, but active project direction and other forms of non-code contributions are.If you’ve already developed a fully featured research code, released it under an OSI-approved license, and written good documentation and tests, then we expect that it should take perhaps an hour or two to prepare and submit your paper to JOSS.But please read these instructions carefully for a streamlined submission. This definition includes software that: solves complex modeling problems in a scientific context (physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, social science, neuroscience, engineering); supports the functioning of research instruments or the execution of research experiments; extracts knowledge from large data sets; offers a mathematical library, or similar.Python enables wrapping low-level languages (e.g., C) for speed without losing flexibility or ease-of-use in the user-interface.The API for ``Gala`` was designed to provide a class-based and user-friendly interface to fast (C or Cython-optimized) implementations of common operations such as gravitational potential and force evaluation, orbit integration, dynamical transformations, and chaos indicators for nonlinear dynamics.We also require that authors explain the research applications of the software. Your paper should include: As this short list shows, JOSS papers are only expected to contain a limited set of metadata (see example below), a Statement of Need, Summary, Acknowledgements, and References sections. Given this format, a “full length” paper is not permitted, and software documentation such as API (Application Programming Interface) functionality should not be in the paper and instead should be outlined in the software documentation.Important Your paper will be reviewed by two or more reviewers in a public Git Hub issue.Price-Whelan orcid: 0000-0003-0872-7098 affiliation: "1, 2" # (Multiple affiliations must be quoted) - name: Author Without ORCID affiliation: 2 affiliations: - name: Lyman Spitzer, Jr.Fellow, Princeton University index: 1 - name: Institution 2 index: 2 date: 13 August 2017 bibliography: --- # Summary The forces on stars, galaxies, and dark matter under external gravitational fields lead to the dynamical evolution of structures in the universe.The orbits of these bodies are therefore key to understanding the formation, history, and future state of galaxies.The field of "galactic dynamics," which aims to model the gravitating components of galaxies to study their structure and evolution, is now well-established, commonly taught, and frequently used in astronomy.


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