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Americans are still pretty much divided about Malcolm X.

Perhaps people should read his book, listen to his audios or videos and understand where he came from before they say something about him.

This movement was widely popular in the early 1960s but I discovered that since 1966, blacks were becoming disillusioned with their deemed lack of progress.[26] Many were beginning to share Malcolm X’s sentiment that these educated blacks leaders have been echoing the white man’s thinking which led to exploitation.[27]The integrationist, non violence movement was also severely challenged by a rising tide of political conservatism, economic woes, Vietnam War and growing sentiments of racial separatism among blacks.[28] It is not surprising that given the slow pace of change, many people were losing faith in the establishment, democratic process and nonviolence and they were beginning to seek control the political and cultural life of their own black’s communities.[29] Hence, we start to see the shift to militancy as blacks resorted to the separatist groups; those including Malcolm X and NOI campaigned for separation from the white men.[30] They claimed that the white men never sincerely wanted integration.[31] Dismayed by great political and economic disparities between themselves and white Americans, young blacks became catalyst for an increasingly radical turn in the civil rights movement.[32].

Undoubtedly, Malcolm’s militant advocacy of self-defense helped radicalize other black leaders of the movement, which is perhaps why Malcolm has always been associated with radicals and violence.[33] However, my readings and understanding have shown that Malcolm X never resort to actual physical violence.

They considered their European names slave names assigned by slave masters to mark their ownership and hence, they replaced the names with “X” while waiting for their Islamic names.[22] Next, I would like to highlight the fallout between Malcolm X and NOI.

Malcolm X cited envy, immoral behavior of Elijah Muhammad who fathered several illegitimate child and attempted assassination as the main causes for him to leave NOI.[23] However, I read that various sources have different interpretations.In this research, I provided an insight into the background of the name “X” and Malcolm X’s fallout with the Nation of Islam based on historical accuracy and a perspective on the civil rights factions based on historical relevance.I also included an observation on a social control measure.I find that he is who he is because he was a victim of racism, discrimination and injustice in America.He and a majority of the blacks cannot be blamed for their animosity because they are reacting to the system in America during that period; a climate of hate. He gave voice to his people, he spoke from their sentiment, he fought for them wholeheartedly, he refused to compromise his beliefs and died a martyrs. The major characters in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison were Pecola Breedlove, Cholly Breedlove, Claudia Macteer, and Frieda Macteer.Pecola Breedlove is an eleven-year-old black girl around which the... This writer provides the highest quality of work possible.In the end, both forces of the movement are necessary to champion the black ghettoes’ plights, though blacks then were more pre-occupied fighting for Black Power than to sing the civil rights movement’s slogan “We Shall Overcome.”[34] Other Observation I would like to discuss the use of religion as a means to social control.Karl Marx has controversially, and perhaps precisely, pointed out that religion is the opiate of the masses used to moderate or oppress conflicts in society.[35] Malcolm X argued that Christianity, ‘the white men’s religion’, suppressed the blacks’ discontentment and that it taught them to hate everything that is black.It is not necessary that we all think alike, but we should all think.If you have articles, information, or thoughts you want to share, just send it to me at [email protected] Introduction Questions and curiosity propelled me to undertake a study on the autobiography of one of the most controversial figures in American history.


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