Research Proposal In Research Methodology

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As a general principle, it is better to research a narrow topic in more detail than a broad one in very little detail.Start to write up your research proposal as you read around your subject.

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Summarise the texts that you read and group ideas into themes as you go, not forgetting to reference very carefully.

It is much easier to take irrelevant text and references out later than to add them in and remember where the ideas came from.

You can always find a sector, study group, or other unique element that will make the research worthwhile, even if others have done similar studies before.

Thinking about your research topic, ask yourself it is that you actually want to find out?

The first step in any research is to identify the topic of interest.

Think about which areas have most interested you in your studies to date, and what you would most like to explore.

It is needed to persuade supervisors, funders and other stakeholders of the value of the research and the likelihood that it will successfully be able to answer the research question(s).

A typical research proposal contains: In addition, when a research proposal is made to a funding body or when plans for communication are not implicit in the project (e.g., when the research is undertaken for a dissertation), then it is usual to include a detailed budget and a description of the communication plans in the proposal.

Check the university’s requirements, and if necessary consult your supervisor about what to include.

An example ethical committee approval form may include questions such as: Will you provide written information to participants indicating the nature and purpose of the research, that their participation is voluntary, that they may withdraw at any time, and provide contact details for further information about the study?


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