Sat Essay Using Personal Experience

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Part of why that happens is the simple truth that real life is rarely as dramatic as Hollywood wants it to be.

Similarly, your personal experiences are rarely going to be perfect examples of your thesis.

In addition, for admission to some specialties, you must pass the SAT Subject Test. SAT is held seven times a year in the United States and four times in other countries of the world.

Tests are given in October, December, March, May, and also (only in the USA) in June, August and November usually on the first Saturday of the month.

Take a look at the last sentence of the prompt on every SAT essay section.

Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.But do not think that getting the highest score is so difficult.Following our advice, you will be able to create a good plan which will help you tp pass this test easily and confidently.” You might think of a mistake you made, such as having spent all that time illustrating those stick figure shindigs when your teacher was telling you about historical mistakes that would have been perfect for this essay. And your next test was a vast improvement, which proves your point.Add in a few sentences analyzing the relevance of the story (giving it a moral), and you’ve got yourself a fantastic example, even if almost none of it was true. Don’t just draw your examples from thin air, if you can avoid it.But you, like a director, have the freedom to warp the facts in your favor. Being concrete like that really helps to keep your writing and thoughts clear. So throw that stuff away and make the example plainly support your argument. We’re starting with the fact that you didn’t pay enough attention in class, and you were drawing instead. Let’s add in what we need for it to be relevant: You failed a test even though you had studied for hours the night before.Say you get a prompt that asks, “Is it necessary to study mistakes in order to learn from them? But there may be plenty of details we really don’t need, like the exact goings-on in those doodles, your friends comments on them, or whatever else. After that, you took a long look at what went wrong, realized you had been distracted in class, and started trying to take notes instead of doodling.The SAT tells you that you can use your own experiences.In order to get a high essay score, you only have to be sure that those examples are clear, relevant, and well written. It can be hard to think of a perfect example for your argument, and anecdotes about your personal life are much more malleable than the stories you can draw from history or literature.Those anecdotes, then, can be really useful, especially if you learn a little lesson from Hollywood along the way.When you’re watching a movie and you see the words “based on a true story,” you can be pretty sure that it’s got just about zilch in common with whatever “true story” it’s referring to.


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