Scientific Research And Essays Impact Factor 2011

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In other words, the reliability of science is not only a societal imperative, it is also vital to the scientific community itself.

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Peer-review is one of the mechanisms which have evolved to increase the reliability of the scientific literature.

At the same time, the current publication system is being used to structure the careers of the members of the scientific community by evaluating their success in obtaining publications in high-ranking journals.

A disturbing trend has recently gained wide public attention: The retraction rate of articles published in scientific journals, which had remained stable since the 1970's, began to increase rapidly in the early 2000's from 0.001% of the total to about 0.02% (Figure 1A). doi: 10.1177/1745691612459058 Cross Ref Full Text Obremskey, W.

In 2010 we have seen the creation and popularization of a website dedicated to monitoring retractions ( while 2011 has been described as the “the year of the retraction” (Hamilton, 2011). T., Pappas, N., Attallah-Wasif, E., Tornetta, P., and Bhandari, M.

In this review, we present the most recent and pertinent data on the consequences of our current scholarly communication system with respect to various measures of scientific quality (such as utility/citations, methodological soundness, expert ratings or retractions). doi: 10.1039/a802808g Cross Ref Full Text Research Information Network. Activities, Costs and Funding Flows in the Scholarly Communications System Research Information Network.

Scientific Research And Essays Impact Factor 2011

These data corroborate previous hypotheses: using journal rank as an assessment tool is bad scientific practice. doi: 10.1016/j.respol.20 Cross Ref Full Text Reedijk, J. Sense and nonsense of science citation analyses: comments on the monopoly position of ISI and citation inaccuracies. Report commissioned by the Research Information Network (RIN).

(C) Relationship between IF and extent to which an individual study overestimates the likely true effect. (2009), and represent candidate gene studies of a number of gene-phenotype associations of psychiatric phenotypes.

The bias score (y-axis) represents the effect size of the individual study divided by the pooled effect size estimated indicated by meta-analysis, on a log-scale. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.b.30808 Pubmed Abstract | Pubmed Full Text | Cross Ref Full Text Munafò, M.

The hierarchical publication system (“journal rank”) used to communicate scientific results is thus central, not only to the composition of the scientific community at large (by selecting its members), but also to science's position in society.

In recent years, the scientific study of the effectiveness of such measures of quality control has grown.


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