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My trick as a challenged writer is to do the best I can and know that I am happy with the final outcome.It’s ENC 1101, Not knowing what to expect I entered the room with absolute fear, after all it was my first year of college.Although I’ve never been quite fond of English in the past, I’ve always excelled in the subject.Grammar, writing in an active voice, and building my rewrite skills are three examples of skills I need to build upon to continue to improve me writing.Even though my grammar has improved during the progression of this class, I still have a lot to learn before my knowledge of grammar can contribute to my writing.My first essay in this class was less focused then the essays I wrote later in I have struggled with writer's block with often.In the past, I've learned to take breaks while writing to help alleviate symptoms of writers block; however, during the semester I have learned to carry a pad of paper with me so that I can write down idea's while they are fresh in my mind.From past and recent experiences I have learned that I am more proud of work I have enjoyed writing and researching for.In the past I have enjoyed writing short stories and assignments on subjects that intrigue me or are on some of my personal interests. Writing down my thoughts has helped me avoid writers block because I have a list of thoughts about the subject before I have even started writing.When I struggle less to write it improves my essay's by decreasing my stress, this can be seen in my writing.


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