So Long A Letter Polygamy Essay

As the novel begins, Ramatoulaye Fall is beginning a letter to her lifelong friend Aissatou Bâ.

The occasion for writing is Ramatoulaye's recent widowhood.

Women are the nation’s primary, fundamental root, from which all else grows and blossoms.

(Bâ 61-62) Although Ramatoulaye identifies and celebrates the importance of women as their own separate group, it would that she does without having to subordinate women to men.

This paper dwells on the analysis of So Long a Letter, a novella by Mariama Ba, a Senegalese woman with a view to bringing out the issue of polygamy as thematically presented in the work.

So Long A Letter Polygamy Essay

The thematic analysis of So Long a Letter is an obvious one.In the course of the novel Ramatoulaye also remembers the circumstances which led to Aissatou eventually seeking divorce from her husband Mawdo Bâ.So Long a Letter aptly describes the grievances and the sorrows felt by women who are bound in polygamous marriages.It solely condemns polygamy and it devastating effects on the girl-child in a cultural context and as constraints on the happiness of couples who are usually separated.Feminism in its various strands was adopted as the theoretical framework. Much of their legal codes are from translated passages of the Qu'ran.French colonialism came to Senegal in the 1800s and enforced a separation of church and state.As she gives her friend the details of her husband's death, she recounts the major events in their lives.The novel is often used in literature classes focusing on women's roles in post-colonial Africa.Senegal was home to many indigenous peoples during precolonial times.Around the 9th century AD Islamization spread throughout Senegal due to the expansive trade routes throughout Western Africa.


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