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Sports make people cross cultural barriers and speak a language that is understood by all.The World Sports Congress, held in New Delhi, emphasised that sports could play a major role in promoting and propagating peace, provided one understood the spirit of global participation and the philosophy of sports.

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Violence, however, in the modern context is the result of the solid perversion of the desire to win.

Killer instinct is, no doubt, a prerequisite to victory but this instinct has unfortunately become negative, intolerant, unthinking and destructive.

You can help your children understand and value good sportsmanship while making sure they have a safe and fun sports experience.

Good sportsmanship may seem hard to define, but its hallmarks include being able to win without gloating, respecting one's opponents, and being able to lose gracefully.

If sports encourages the development of a fine character, sports sans sportsmanship encourages outbursts of foul and animal instincts.

When Roman satirist Horace commented around 2,000 years ago—”Sports begets tumultuous strife and wrath, and wrath begets fierce quarrels”—he probably meant sports devoid of sportive spirit.Parents and kids alike love sports, and it's easy to get caught up in a game and become focused on winning.Yet there is much more to be gained from the sports experience than a winning record.A game today is not played in the spirit of the game.In order to attain hitherto unattained standards of excellence, the players sometimes resort to ungentlemanly, though not always unlawful behaviour.Sports does not simply involve players, spectators, sports authorities, media, sponsors, in fact each and every group or faction that is even remotely associated with sports is a fundamental part of an event.And all of them, then, are expected to maintain a code of conduct and nurture the sporting spirit. It is a mental or psychological altitude that arouses a sense of fair play.Share these concepts with your children: Follow the rules of the game.It might seem easier to win by doing things a different way (cheating), but everyone has to follow the rules.George Orwell, in the modern context, remarked: “Serious sports has nothing to do with fair play.It is bound up with hatred, jealously, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence, in other words, it is war minus the shooting.”Violence has always remained a part and parcel of sports.


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