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Location choice is no small decision, so take your time!

Location choice is no small decision, so take your time!

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Similarly, a coffee shop's business plan is an organizational outline to ensure future success.

It helps you map your vision for your coffee shop and will include pieces like your competition, staffing hierarchy, marketing plan, policies, operations overview, and accounting strategy. In choosing a location for your coffee shop, you’ll want to consider factors like rent cost, competitor locations, neighborhood trends, target market, visibility, size of the site, previous tenants, and even your gut feeling.

So if you are thinking of draining your retirement account and starting your own coffee shop, Don’t!

Consider how you can build the business the right way, the smart way, and the financially sound way.

Find a small space, purchase or lease a coffee bean roaster, and start roasting your own small batches of fresh coffee beans.

Then sell your coffee to other coffee shops, local office buildings, churches, and individuals.You probably wouldn’t be able to get a loan anyway without sales, but even if you could it is a much better position to be in if your current customers are producing enough positive cash flow for you to be able to make the monthly loan payments. Purchase an Existing Coffee Shop – Next, I strongly recommend that you consider purchasing an existing coffee shop before you open your first shop on your own. Because you can review the financial statements of the existing shop and see that it is profitable and sustainable based on the current customer base.When you own your first coffee shop, you are going to make mistakes, you can afford to make a few more mistakes when you have an established and profitable business rather than trying to start something from scratch.You know the location is good enough, the customer demand is there, the pricing is right, the environment in the shop is working.You know all of these things because the business is already profitable, if you were to start from scratch, you could make mistakes in any of these areas.You need to build a base of recurring customers, customers that you can count on every day, week, or month.Once you have that recurring income, you can start looking into financing.A pro forma is essentially a financial projection based on some given scenario.So you might create 4 pro forma financial statements for the next 12 months based on the following scenarios: You can develop financial projections with Projection Hub for all 4 scenarios and determine which option you believe will be the most profitable, and put you in the best position for continued growth.After all, the coffee is the core ingredient, isn’t it?Two main considerations are roaster choice and latte art.


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