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To achieve a low acceptance rate, a school must receive far more applicants than they can accept. Some schools, like Harvard or Princeton, will always attract elite students who view these institutions as the epitome of college admissions success.The college names alone are equated with achievement and recognition.

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Simply put, the more applicants a school can attract, the lower the acceptance rate it will ultimately have.

This is compounded when a school can attract a large number of applicants for only a small number of places.

Although both schools ultimately accepted the same number of students, their acceptance rates are very different because College A received 10 times the applicants that College B did.

Most highly selective colleges now have acceptance rates in the single digits.

In fact, while the headlines advertise quickly declining acceptance rates at top colleges, the overall acceptance rate nationwide is still well above 50% and is actually climbing slightly.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling notes in its latest Another reason noted for the appearance of increasingly competitive admissions is that students are now more likely to send out many more applications than they were in prior years.

Many students believe that the acceptance rate is the truest indicator of a college’s selectivity.

Headlines plastered across newspapers and television tell the story of increasingly competitive college admissions, plummeting acceptance rates, and elite schools becoming even more selective.

Each year, colleges release some basic information about their recently accepted students, usually including test scores, demographics, total applicants, and acceptance rate.

For high school students currently looking at colleges, the acceptance rate can be a focal point among these statistics.


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