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The telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.The field includes a wide variety of organizations that do everything from telecom infrastructure, designing and manufacturing tablet computers to selling service plans to cell phone users.It comes with dozens of sample proposals you can look at to get ideas, and an extensive library of professionally designed topic templates, including all those listed above.

Learn how to effectively select colors for a winning business proposal.

The more proposals you write, the easier the process will become, because you'll reuse information and some topic pages will be the same in every proposal.

Here, you'll provide information about your Company History and Clients Served, similar Projects you've worked on, your Expertise, any special Certifications or Training you have, and perhaps information about your Team Members or company Personnel who will work on the project.

If you have Awards, Achievements, Referrals, or Testimonials, include them in this section. Take the time to proofread it carefully and make every page look and sound as professional as possible.

For example, one company's traveling sales reps might need reliable, long lasting cell phones that can easily share information with company computers; another company might require cutting edge security software to encrypt their sensitive global transmissions.

As well as describing the needs in this section, describe any requirements or limitations you know about.But you will need to create them after you're done with the body of the proposal.On to the next section: the description of needs and requirements.You almost always need to spell out a lot of details, which means you need to write a business proposal.If you've never written anything other than memos or in-house reports, the prospect of writing a proposal may sound like a monumental task. All business proposals have the same goal - persuading the reader to agree to your ideas - and the best proposals share a common structure, too.In this section, try to anticipate questions the proposal reader might have, and provide answers in advance to show your ability to plan for all eventualities.In the final section of your proposal, it's time to explain why the proposal reader should pick you as a partner or supplier.Next up is the section where you describe exactly what you have in mind, taking care to explain how your project, products, or services will meet the needs and requirements of your potential client or partner.Include as many topics as necessary to fully describe your proposal - you want to show that you have a well thought out, detailed plan for success.Keep this short - just introduce yourself, explain why you are sending your proposal at this time, state what you would like the reader to do after considering the proposal (call you, sign the enclosed contract, set up a meeting, etc.), and provide all your contact information.The next page should be a Title Page for your proposal. Some examples might be “Proposed Expansion of Transmission Network to Expand Wireless Coverage Area” or “Proposal by Smith Company to Provide Cell Phone and Internet Services to Jones Corporation.” If your proposal is long or complex, next you'll want to include a Table of Contents and an Executive Summary - a list of the most important points.


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