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Street level bureaucracy refer to activities carried out by public service entities whose constituents are street level bureaucrats, such persons have distinct characteristics such as assuming front line position in carrying out activities.This term also incorporates public servants who experience challenges in the real world especially in the delivery of service.It is necessary to point out that such policies in a number instance refer to education, health, infrastructure, urban development and eradication of unemployment.

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An illustration is the corporate social responsibilities taken up by AIG insurance that aim at empowering people especially young entrepreneurs in developing countries, this can be termed as philanthropy.These issues are absent in incremental model which is seen as muddling through thus absence of vision.Charity is an activity that aims at relieving the suffering that is experienced by people with the sole purpose of making such persons comfortable on a temporary basis.The same company gave out a considerable amount of money to victims of disasters especially in Asia in a bid to reduce their suffering, this point to charity.Picket fence federalism is a term used to refer to the application of policies and guidelines at all levels of government with the aim of achieving specific goals and objectives.In short rational comprehensive model involves acquisition of information, a factor that brings clarity in thoughts actions, goals and selection criteria.This process creates several options critical for decision making to take root.The manner in which organizations in the public sector are managed and organized especially in reference to the guidance offered by public policy structures which in turn influence government operations is the backbone of public administration.It is worth noting that such government operations determine the extent of success of the plans put in place to meet the needs of the public.Street level bureaucrats make policies through conformation to set out guidelines and procedures such as taking responsibility on the direction to be taken in executing existing policies.In the process new policies are formulated to cover up for the existent gaps.


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