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The Holocaust Essay-65
As I got older some of the answers became more evident.Firstly, where could they go when countries (like the U. Secondly, the German Jews became accustomed to the history of granting and removing civil rights for Jews ever since the French Revolution.Every year we win some, we lose some and we then regain some progress towards the American declaration that all men are created equal.

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He saw that it was possible to kill hundreds of soldiers and get away with it.

Years later, Kristallnacht was Hitlers way of testing this process to see if he could escalate Jewish discrimination into random killing and finally a planned genocide. Louiss Voyage of the Damned to test the waters to see if any country wanted them. In the summer of 1939 the Jewish passengers of the St.

Then I also wondered why America didnt boycott Germany as soon as the Nazis started removing civil rights from Jews, political opponents, disabled people and homosexuals in 1933?

Most people would say that Americans didnt know what was going on either in the early years or when the extermination began in 1939. We complain that the Nazis closed the gay bars in Berlin in 1933; but how many openly gay bars even existed in America at that time?

German Jews and homosexuals had more civil rights than their American counterparts during the Weimar Republic. All of this was legal after the 1896 Supreme Court case of Plessy v.

In addition, the official and unofficial policies towards our African American population gave Hitler even more cover to force segregation in housing, employment and public accommodations, let alone the similar practices of the S. Ferguson legalized separate but equal treatment as being acceptable under our concept of all men being created equal.

Living in the aftermath of the Holocaust for over sixty years, we all can learn several lessons from what happened so that it does not occur again.

Hitlers basic strategy consisted of creating scapegoats, sub-humans or perpetual enemies, then escalating the discrimination to murder.

The larger question is however, how did Hitler get away with it?

The Nazis started off gradually, first by de-humanizing a small fringe or defenseless elements of society.


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