The Negative Effects Of Homework

The Negative Effects Of Homework-48
While all students may groan at the mention of homework, it may be more than just a nuisance for poor and disadvantaged children, instead becoming another burden to carry and contend with.Beyond the logistical issues, homework can negatively impact physical health and stress — and once again this may be a more significant problem among economically disadvantaged youth who typically have a higher stress level than their non-poor peers to begin with.Brooks has some suggestions on making things a bit easier.

School, piano lessons, soccer practice, homework and family time.

There truly aren’t enough hours in the day for today’s busy kids.

And there benefits; they just tend to plateau around the two-hour mark for high schoolers, the study notes.

So what can be done to stave off the negative effects of too much homework?

“They can’t deal with the homework – they are not used to it,” Brooks says.

Homework is stressful on parents, too, she adds, because they are balancing their careers and family time – plus, they still have to make dinner, clean the house and more.

Your child might be missing Grandpa’s birthday because he’s too busy trying to juggle school with everything else. They are so well-rounded, but they have no free time,” Brooks says.

Practice is a key part of learning, so homework isn’t going anywhere.

Finally, if your kid is really struggling with the workload, Brooks says it might be time to talk to his or her teacher.

Schools are getting rid of homework from Essex, Mass., to Los Angeles, Calif.


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