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In short, the war on drugs is really about tackling the supply side of drugs. When the United States elevated this priority into their foreign policies, what they actually did was to compel other countries to take care of their citizens in terms of health and safety, protect its youth from becoming corrupted by drugs and pushers. In the process, because of the war on drugs, elaborate institutions and industries around the world emerged from prison systems, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering-governments became more aware.However, the downside of the war on drugs is staggering.Military invaded Panama to seize Manuel Noriega in 1989, who was then imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Now, with the war on drugs, the United States want to stop growing coca at all costs, without giving aid to peasants to do other profitable livelihoods. In fact, there’s a growing number of Hispanics that are already disenfranchised with the whole crusade (Tavis). For experts, they are of a strong opinion that America should not continue the war on drugs on the basis that focusing only on the supply side of the problem will not amount to anything, it will only be a waste of money. Another problem with the war on drugs is that it looks at very limited solutions.

There are generally two factions: one started supporting guerillas (who wants America to be decertified) and the other looking for ways to distance themselves with the U. For example, the so-called war is too focused on marijuana (Conan).

This is something many have opposed to, like the way Americans now bitterly opposes the war on Iraq.

In this case, the war on drugs truly fits its description, a war that amounts to billions that are operated from a situation room, targeting an exact enemy; the suppliers, the factories, the Colombian drug cartels, the problems they cause.

Despite this the debate continues, for almost 40 years in its existence, U. has shuffled opinions on what to do with the decades-old policy on the crusade against drugs.

Should they hang up their gloves and look for alternative solutions.You just can’t solve the problem by military strength when the problem also comes from within? For example, Colombia is a place of continued violence between left-wing guerrillas and right-wing militias. Why the war on drugs became so criticised, it is because of this very policy, which has strained and continues to strain relations with Latin American countries. One example is to look at the problem not as a security threat or even a delinquency but rather as a health problem, stemming from a lack of education or youth cultural disillusionment.Thus, here’s where the biggest criticism of the war on drugs: it’s too short-sighted. This “war” on drugs has escalated so far that the U. Peasants have nothing more to live on besides growing coca because there’s demand for it. The negative effect of these policies has weakened foreign institutions of garnering support from their own countries, especially if they adhere to the United States. should do is start facing the reality that the real problem comes from the demand side; that the root of the problem is from within. The way to treat drugs is to spend more money on schools, treatment efforts, not on prisons and on the military.It is believed that drug trafficking is a flagrant disrespect of the law, and society is compelled to punish such rebellion through overt force.Punishment and retribution are the keys to stopping drug trafficking and therefore the justice system should criminalise the activity and all its forms.The same goes with Colombia and the rest of South America. Dissidents on the war on drugs argue that the term itself “war” is an inappropriate metaphor. Yes, there is nothing wrong about thinking war on drugs in the context of law enforcement.Law enforcement is an indispensable tool in control and outlawing drug market-related violence. But when you start to think a war on drugs as sending troops to other countries then that is a different matter entirely.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.The so-called “war on drugs” have become a very unpopular issue and many have become opposed to it.The war on drugs has also lost steam since it has been a foregone priority as the United States has become focused on countering international terrorism.


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