Thesis Structure For Comparative Essay

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You should be able to discover an ‘ultimate message’ that each text has about an issue that still matters today – usually something that each author thought should change about their society – which is probably relevant to our society too.

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You can be expected to come up with the topic yourself.

When you are asked to do that, you shouldn't forget that a good comparison essay might come in handy later. You can compare various events and other task-related details.

Then, the older text’s ‘What Why Fact How’, meaning: Then, a comment about whether this is similar or different to Text Two.

The younger text’s ‘What Why Fact How’ should follow, then a sentence about what this comparison reveals.This should be followed by a conclusion sentence that links this revelation to the essay question, and your thesis.The conclusion should discuss the significance or consequences of this information you have gathered by making these comparisons.For example, a comparative study might reveal more about each text and create a synergistic understanding of the connections or perspectives being examined.Or, through contrasting the texts, the effect contextual values on each may be better understood.You really want each paragraph to discuss not only the texts, but an historical fact from each of their respective time periods too.The topic sentence will always name the connection/perspective, and link it to the comparative essay question.Our service is one of the best, and your assignment won't be the first custom comparative paper for our team.We have helped thousands of students over the past few years of our work, and the results have never been low.You should mesh ideas from the module and elective rubrics here.Then, your thesis should explain whatever the best or most important thing that comparative study of these two texts reveals.


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