Things Fall Apart Tragic Hero Essay

Chinua Achebe's book Things Fall Apart is a very tragic novel.There was an unhappy ending because Okonkwo died and the Umofian culture broke down and Okonkwo couldn't do anything about it.He has been used to portray the tragic hero in any particular society.

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Furthermore, he was an idle, cowardly and a profligate person, characters which Okonkwo loathed.Okonkwo's hard work ethic brought him success in farming and wrestling.When he was old enough, people gave him some yam seeds.He is held in high esteem by his fellow villagers and they accorded him the respect he deserved.This is portrayed when he is tasked with the responsibility of being Ikemefuna’s guardian [a young prisoner who was given as a peace settlement].They brought religion, weapons, and government to Umofian.When Okonkwo went back to Umofia they had already started a school and a government. Okonkwo wanted to fight the white men but nobody else in the tribe was behind him. The local government searched for him and found he hanged himself. I liked the way Chinua Achebe used lots of tragedy to enhance the novel.Then when Ezeudu died, everyone came together to celebrate his life, and Okonkwo's accidentally gun went off and killed Ezeudu's son. He was forced to run away to his mother tribe Mbanta.While in Mbanta, the white men started to move into Africa.Throughout the book he has proved to be a strong leader.Okonkwo is a strong man and in fact he is the village wrestling champion.


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