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Somebody ought to say what it is ...1 At first this would not seem to be a particularly insightful remark.

Somebody ought to say what it is ...1 At first this would not seem to be a particularly insightful remark.

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Overall, this film is just as much of a timeless classic as the novel and should inspire family discussion of not only racism and injustice but also how values such as empathy and compassion can overcome entrenched bigotry and profound ignorance.

" /Atticus Finch is one of fiction's (and cinema's) most admirable characters.

In despair, Jean Louise leaves her father's house to seek solace with his brother, Dr. But, to her horror, Jack is even more committed to the preservation of the Jim Crow order than Atticus, and when she finally loses her temper and threatens to leave Maycomb for good, Jack suddenly backhands her twice across the face.

In the manuscript's painful conclusion, Jean Louise is successfully "cured" by this show of force (and a subsequent tumbler of whiskey), and returns to her Alabama fold, apparently reorganized into her true southern self and at inebriated peace.

His actions and intentions are always for the good; his true sense of right and wrong is clearly evident, and he never backs down from what he believes in.

He's a great father to Scout and Jem, both challenging them and supporting them.

Toward the novel's conclusion, Jean Louise confronts her father in a long and painful argument that reads like an aggressive deposition or a cross examination of a hostile witness.

Despite her best efforts, Jean Louise does not succeed in persuading Atticus out of his bigotry, but neither does he persuade her out of her egalitarian worldview.

One way to think about the stakes of this transformation is to consider how each novel implies what a solution to Jim Crow might look like.

In , because Jim Crow enforcement has been depicted as stemming from white elites who hold various degrees of political power, one can imagine federal cases, laws, and policies that might be imposed on the south in ways that would successfully dismantle at least the the solution that emerges at that novel's conclusion suggests that the source of the problem just needs to die out.


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