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When we sense this individuality, were picking up on the writers voice.

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She doesnt like to do chores, but she also knows theyre a part of life we all just have to get through.

To me, her personality in this piece seems well defined and successfully developed.

To say that something is original is simply to say that we havent seen it before. Ive never seen a piece on this topic that sounds quite the same.

Of course, to someone who had read 20 other pieces just like it, it wouldnt seem that way.

It's not as if writers sign their pieces at the bottom: "I care. Sincerely, Your Author." This is one of those situations a situation that often comes up when we look at voice where we have to look between the lines and make educated guesses. Most of us care about what happens to us in our own lives and thats why writing about ones life is probably the most common type of topic writers choose.

The second thing I notice is a very strong opinion.

I think Chores shows a lot of individuality and thats another important reason why its such a successful piece.

Another important quality to look for in a writers voice is authenticity. Does it sound as though it was written by a real person, or does it sound phony, stilted, awkward? For example, writers often experiment with styles that are not their own, and this can be very successful if its done well. Does each part of the piece sound like it was written by the same person?

Individual, Authentic, and Original When I read something by one of my favorite writers, I often have the feeling that no one else could have written it.

In most good writing, the individuality of the writer comes through.


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