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All you have to do is plug in a keyword, and the generator will spit out different ways to frame the topic.

Sometimes these won’t make grammatical sense, but the point is to get ideas flowing rather than grab ready-made, publishable topics.

One of the most popular topic generators is Hub Spot’s.

I entered the keywords “baking,” “cakes,” and “beginners” into the generator: Some don’t make sense, but some are a great starting point for ideas.

If you’re stumped for blog ideas, go back to basics.

Write about basic topics, but frame them in terms of your business/industry, your personal brand/growth, or your keys to success.Mess around with these and see what comes out of it.You could make some good sparks that light up your idea fire.Below, the content is focused on trending stories in “Business” within the last 24 hours. You can also click on the bottom text that says “Search: [your topic].” On this page, you can filter results to see the questions asked and which ones are most popular.Your competitors’ blogs are good benchmarks for success, but you also can get lots of ideas from them and add your personal spin. Grab some good ideas for yourself, but remember: Never copy. You can also see how many people are following questions – this can help you determine which topics might get a better response.You’ll end up with a long list of blog ideas to address. Or, it can be as simple as asking your followers what they want to see and inviting them to comment.You can sort them by relevancy and search volume, too. Your audience knows what they want to see from you. Most people like this type of transparency, and will be thankful when you dedicate a whole post to their suggested topic. If you’re stumped for blog ideas, tap someone else’s brain and get into their headspace.Lucky for you, in this metaphorical scenario, it usually is.The way to the river of content is a path full of writing prompts, research, brainstorming, and good old-fashioned hard work.That little nudge is enough to get ideas sprouting in your head, growing quickly, and bearing fruit.Chances are, if you’re looking for blog ideas, you probably already have one or two percolating.


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