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Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so it can be tested in a simulated environment. Represents a major step up from TRL 6, requiring demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment such as an aircraft, vehicle, or space.

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Applications are speculative and there may be no proof or detailed analysis to support the assumptions. Examples include components that are not yet integrated or representative.

Basic technological components are integrated to establish that they will work together.

The assessment shows that the scale needs to be adapted to fit funding management purposes given at the EU level, and to ensure proper decision-making.

EARTO argue that better understanding of the TRL scale would allow its more efficient use in further planning of national and European research, technology and innovation policies and funding programme.

After Milestone B, a technology maturation plan/strategy should be part of the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) Phase Acquisition Strategy for those CTE that require additional concurrency and technological development to achieve a higher TRL.

EC Projects traditionally focus on the advancement of technical maturity of the topic at hand.May 2014, Brussels – The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) have published a policy paper on, ‘The TRL Scale as an R&I Policy Tool’, identifying am increased use of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale as a planning tool for innovation management.The policy paper discusses observed limitations and challenges related to the use of the scale as a funding selection and review tool.Click to see the paper, ‘The TRL Scale as a Research & Innovation Policy Tool, EARTO Recommendations’. Once basic principles are observed, practical applications can be invented. This includes analytical studies and laboratory studies to physically validate that the analytical predictions of separate elements of the technology.They are determine during a Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) that examines program concepts, technology requirements, and demonstrated technology capabilities.TRL are based on a scale from 1 to 9 with 9 being the most mature technology.This is a natural consequence of FP7 and also H2020 offering calls themed as “Research” (RA), “Innovation” (IA) or “Research and Innovation” (RIA) actions, along at times with “Coordination and Support Action” (CSA).With RA, IA and RIA consuming the largest amount of funds available in either programme, Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) are naturally an important measure of progress for EC funded projects.Secondly, to recognise industry’s need of mature technology which is easier and quicker to develop for market entry.This in turn lowers the cost of implementing a go to market strategy.


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