Tsunami Research Paper

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A tsunami is a succession of fast-moving waves inside the ocean caused by strong volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.

It normally has a long wavelength that could travel as long as hundreds of kilometers.

Upon being triggered, such waves travel at a terrific speed across an ocean with some loss of energy.

In the course of their movement, they can destroy and damage entire houses and towns, toss and drag vehicles, destroy trees, and remove sand from beaches.

This recoiling of seawater is a significant warning sign of a tsunami since the crest of the wave and its massive capacity of water normally hit the shore in 7 minutes or so.

Kusky (34) advises that by just recognizing this phenomenon human lives can be saved in the process.

Meteorite impacts have also the potential to contribute to the occurrence of tsunamis in some instances.

During tsunami occurrence, water can recede from the seacoast half of the wave period before waves get to the coast.

Nevertheless, in the course of advancing into shoreline and entering shallower waters, waves trend to slow down and start gaining in momentum in height and energy.

A precipitous rise can be observed due to the fast movement of the tops of waves in contrast to their bottoms.


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