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The first troper was a Ichigo/Rukia fan and the second troper was a Ichigo/Orihime fan. thiscanalsocounttosayingwhichversionisbettersubordubandpeoplebashingonthedubmorethanthesubbutthisisjustmebwhahaha However, if I can say one thing as an Ulquihime fan...

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This fact is also shown in the History of the page.

Every single negative thing about every other ship that is potentially in opposition to Ichigo/Orihime is all your doing, Orihime.

It's gotten to a point where the entire Die For Our Ship thread should be white-washed and started anew.

I had a long rant about your behavior, what you've done against Orihime/Ichigo x Orihime fans outside TV tropes, how you're being WAY more personal and invested than I am in this (an yes, I admit I'm pretty into this as well), and how your loathing of Orihime is reaching creepy levels due to how you keep mansplaining and victim-blaming her for the horrible things she was subjected to ("Letting herself be kidnapped", "going backwards in her development"? ), as well as gotting personal in your grudge against people who point out how full of crap this is. But you won't listen, and you'll keep being creepily invested in disregarding me and other Orihime fans who are sick of the hate, slutshaming and victim-blaming she gets even here. From now on, if I do see more anti-Orihime comments, I'll just delete them and won't comment.

This troper is a reasonable Die For Our Ship Ichigo/Rukia fan, and so cannot compose a proper reply. Like Ulquiorra and Orihime, fans use it as an alternative. I get that this is a little - okay a lot - late but I did send the person who replied an apology ages ago.

I prefer Ulquihime myself, and even then, I don't thrust it down anyone's throat. I hope that, if any, Ichigo ends up with her; at least, if there's a huge party at the end of everything, she won't beg Walking Death Signs to dance. I was reading the page and I got upset because all I could see was Ichi Hime fans bashing Ichi Ruki fans.

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Regardless, Orihime, and whoever Orihime pissed off.... I don't curse Tite for not having it(although, to me, it's obvious what Tite's first Author Ship is) as a part of the story line.

I don't know, act a little more like mature kids, teens, or adults, and be little less vitriolic. Out of curiousity, is there ANYONE here that isn't a Ichigo/Rukia or Ichigo/Orihime fan? Likewise, if someone else says "Ichihime is the best! I won't bash them for liking it, and neither should any other sane fan.


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