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George Orwell’s 1984 portrays many characteristics of a dystopian society.

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A Utopian society could not exist with the individuality that nature has bestowed on the human race.

So long as humans remain unique in their state of mind, utopia is a mere fantasy.

1984 and Divergent both share the presence of harsh regulation and control from their respective governments.

Orwell and Roth’s novels compare Ministries and Factions, conformity and obedience, Proles and the Factionless, and government regulation, in a similar, yet negative way....

[tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Government, Dystopia] - Sir Thomas More composed the book Utopia in the year 1516.

Utopia looks into many of the problems that faced England in the sixteenth-century and what a society would look like in order to relieve those complications.Shakespeare shows this by having Prospero, the rightful duke of Milan and Usurping ruler of the island, call Caliban, “A devil, a born devil on whose nature nurture can never stick” but then having Miranda, Prospero’s daughter, say “I pi...[tags: essays research papers] - The human psyche is divided into rational and irrational drives.The Utopian society is brought about through conversations between the characters Thomas More, his friend Peter Giles, and the traveling philosopher Raphael Hythloday.Giles and More are quickly impressed by the level of travel that Hythloday had experienced; they want to know what he has seen and heard from other regions in regards to government and civilization....For Freud, it’s the recognition that the irrational is there, that it must be controlled to take over.Man’s aggressive nature does tend to overpower the mind, leading to irrational actions....[tags: United States, Theodore Roosevelt] - Both Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four directly exemplify the destructive effects of a totalitarian government hidden behind the mask of a seemingly utopian society.Although each dystopia is depicted in very different ways, many similarities are evident: for example, the oppression the citizens are forced to suffer.Following The Union of Soviet and Socialist Republics (USSR) attempt to occupy East Germany post-World War 2, a time in which many nations previously under the rule of Republics, sought independence th...[tags: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Cold War, South Vietnam] - A utopian society represents a perfect, idealistic civilization, while a dystopian society describes an unpleasant environment for the individuals living within it.


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