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To see an example reference list, check out the Monash guide to Vancouver’s introduction to Vancouver.When you use Vancouver, you use parenthetical citations in the body of your work to show where the information comes from.

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The source’s characteristics influence how to reference it.

For the following examples, we’re using the Monash guide to Vancouver referencing.

Then, you need to work out the authors’ initials for their first names, and write the initials after each of the six authors’ surname.

After the sixth author, write ‘et al.’ to show that there are more than six authors.

The style was developed by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) and adopted by the ICMJE as part of their ’uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals’.

The NLM has an ICMJE page which gives sample references for 41 different circumstances, and should be considered as the authoritative style. The NLM’s annual publication 'list of journals indexed in Index Medicus' lists journals and their accepted abbreviations. For example: Banks E, Joshy G, Weber MR, Liu B, Grenfell R, Egger S, et al. Banks E, Joshy G, Weber MR, Liu B, Grenfell R, Egger S, et al.Tobacco smoking and all-cause mortality in a large Australian cohort study: findings from a mature epidemic with current low smoking prevalence. After that, you need the year of publication, the volume number and, if available, the issue number. Sometimes you may need to look elsewhere in the article or on the journal’s website to find out these details.Example ’The author has discussed the implications of these proposals on the National Health Service in another paper (1). Other writers have commented on related issues, notably Lane (2,3) and Lewis (4). Let's go through the steps of how to use a style guide to reference in Vancouver, using the Monash University guide to Vancouver. If you get this right early on, it will save you a lot of time. The aim is to find the closest example possible in your chosen Vancouver style guide. Say for instance you need to reference a journal article that you found online, such as the one below.Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography accurately detects common bile duct stones in resolving gallstone pancreatitis. Check over your references to make sure they’re following the same principles and formatting.First, you need to identify the first six authors’ surnames (also known as their last name, or family name).Journal names are given in full and are italicised, as are book names. Additionally, references in the bibliography are directly correlated to numbers, saving the reader time in searching alphabetically for the first author of a reference. Notice that issue number is omitted if there is continuous pagination throughout a volume, there is a space between volume number and page numbers, page numbers are in elided form (51-4 rather than 51-54) and the name of journal or book is in italics.Vancouver style is so named as it is based on the work of a group, first meeting in Vancouver in 1978, which became the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). How to acknowledge what you’ve read: citing and referencing tutorial (Monash University, Aus) A well designed online tutorial covering constructing references in Harvard, Vancouver, American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and other styles used in disciplines such as engineering Reference formats (Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, US) Guide covering the Vancouver and American Psychological Association (APA) styles: look under ’Ref Works Quick Start Guide.


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