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Your state requires you to have auto insurance before you can drive your car.Sometimes it is not easy to find a company that will insure you because you are assigned to a high-risk category.The majority of people in an assigned risk category have good driving records, but they are forced into the assigned risk auto insurance plans because they come from a risky group (like young drivers), or because they live in a area where there are a lot of claims.

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It streamlines the application process by eliminating paperwork and mailing time.

The purpose of the assigned risk mandatory Loss Sensitive Rating Plan (LSRP) is to provide a retrospective rating plan for those employers who have an assigned risk workers compensation insurance premium of $250,000 or more.

A danger or hazard of loss or injury that an insurer will not normally accept for coverage under a policy issued by the insurer, but that the insurance company is required by state law to offer protection against by participating in a pool of insurers who are also compelled to provide coverage.n.

a person whose official driving record (accidents and tickets) is so poor that he/she cannot purchase commercial auto insurance, and must be assigned to a state operated or designated insurance program at high rates.

If three companies have turned you down, the agent will complete a form to send to the state telling them that you are a high risk and need assigned risk car insurance.

If you are in an assigned risk category, contact your state insurance department and ask them if they can help you out with the insurance company.An assigned risk auto insurance company is an insurer of last resort when no other company will insure you.To get assigned risk car insurance, go to an agent and apply for coverage.If you do have a poor driving record, you might have a problem finding an insurance company that will accept you.Most states have some type of assigned risk auto insurance plan available so that you can get coverage.If there is no voluntary policy providing multiple state coverage, such parties can purchase a separate state's Worker's Compensation fund or NCCI assigned risk to fill the coverage gap.However, premium for such coverage may be higher than any voluntary policy.In this regard, businesses who have had unsatisfactory loss performance or whose employees perform such hazardous functions that voluntary insurance companies will not insure them, are assigned to an insurer.Some states' assigned risk plans only provide coverage for that particular state, causing businesses whose employees travel to other states to face issues like the possibility of an uncovered claim from an employee claiming another state's benefits.This is because the insurer has a greater chance of having to pay out a claim. These plans are alternatives to standards auto plans or to preferred auto plans.Standard auto plans are given to drivers with an average level of risk.


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