What Is Creative Writing Class Like

I would imagine that such courses are quite unlike other subjects, such as math or history. Occasionally professors will run a workshop rigorously, but usually they will just facilitate discussion.

In terms of assignments, I had a few professors who would give writing prompts based around certain thematic elements. Normally, a class on Short Fiction meant that you were expected to write short pieces and not novel chapters or poetry. The professor would initiate discussion and the class would function as a "workshop". I think you'll find that a writing workshop takes on the personality of the professor. I stress, though, that this was my experience at a small college at the graduate level.

Now that a topic has been selected, one must organise the subtopics that will be included within the piece of writing.

One of the easiest methods of visualising the proposed topics that will be developed is to draw a web map.

Careful revision of a few of the ideas recorded in the outline will improve the content and quality of your final product.

You can now write in earnest with all the zest and vigor that we posses.

In preparing your First Copy, make liberal use of adjectives, adverbs and colourful descriptions.

Use a variety of simple, compound, and compound complex sentences.

People gave me comments and I defended my choices or accepted the critique.

At the end of the class, everyone gave me back their marked-up copies for my review.


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