What Is The Davis Moore Thesis

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Other groups of people, with progressively fewer and fewer resources, represent the lower layers of our society.

At the other end of the spectrum are the aboriginal gang members in the Saskatchewan Correctional Centre we discussed in Chapter 1 (CBC 2010).

The CBC program noted that 85 percent of the inmates in the prison were of aboriginal descent, half of whom were involved in aboriginal gangs.

Unlike Ted Rogers the inmate added, “I didn’t grow up with the best life.” How do we make sense of the divergent stories?

Canada is supposed to be a country in which individuals can work hard to get ahead. There are no formal or explicit class, gender, racial, ethnic, geographical, or other boundaries that prevent people from rising to the top. But does this adequately explain the difference in life chances that divide the fortunes of the aboriginal youth from those of the Rogers family? And how does social standing direct or limit a person’s choices? In the upper echelons of the working world, people with the most power reach the top.


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