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You should see evidence that: District Report Cards Crane District has implemented a new report card system for the elementary schools that focuses on the Arizona Career and College Readiness Standards.

The report card reflects a percentage based system that allows for mastery of the standard to be set at 80%.

NOTE: Do DEA = Department of Defense Education Activity (overseas and domestic schools).

Year shown with achievement-level results is the most recent assessment year in that grade and subject combination.

This report examines fourth-, eighth-, and twelfth-grade students’ access to computers and their use of computers for classroom learning using survey data from the NAEP 2015 mathematics and reading assessments.

Explore the latest national results in all NAEP subjects for students attending public, charter, private, and Catholic schools.The purpose of this report card is to communicate with parents and students about the achievement of grade level expectations.The results reflect how well students have met established learning goals, highlight successes, and guide improvements. Standards-based report cards differ from traditional report cards.Not all assessments are administered at all grades.For more information on each subject, click on the report of interest in the menu at​ the top of this page under the report tab.​​​ Base year indicates the first assessment year in that grade and subject combination.The comments should help students and parents understand how they can improve upon their past work.It's important that personal comments are not belittling the student, but instead addressing any concerns along with encouragement.Traditional report cards measure many different factors including how well students do in comparison to their classmates, how well behaved they are in class or the effort they put into their work.A standards-based report card measures how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade level standards/skills, not the work of other students or non-academic tasks.The numbers usually fly by, but the comments can take you forever.What kind of comments, and how should you word these comments? These comments will be the precursor to any further contact you have with parents/guardians.


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