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Whatever your interest is, waste no space in diving right into the most specific details.Then, work to connect the details to future goals and interests.The short answer questions give you an easy way to make your application memorable.

Admissions officers see questions like “what is the biggest challenge you’ve faced? Remember, the question you would ask them reflects upon yourself too. ” That is, what interests you enough that you’d want to share that passion with a handful of Yale students?

You can let your creativity run wild here; if you have a niche interest, this is the perfect place to mention it.

One way would be to discuss how the school culture and atmosphere spark an electric fervor for learning. For example, if you visit Yale, you may immediately notice the silent focus that permeates the massive libraries or the clarity of the cold winter air.

Don’t be afraid to use acute or even sensory details to describe these experiences and the aspects of Yale that have led you to apply. Yale is looking for students driven by a passion for learning; they want to see the ability to succeed within a focused field of study (i.e., the college major).

Whether or not you plan on majoring in physics, economics, or neuroscience, the same basic strategy can be applied across the board.

is most fascinating or compelling about your intended major.Yale offers three ways to apply: the Common Application, the Coalition Application, and the Quest Bridge National College Match Application.Let’s take a look at the Yale-specific questions that accompany each of these.A great strategy is to choose an idea, opportunity, or aspect that is very concrete and specific and build around it, as opposed to discussing an exhaustive list of reasons without truly elaborating in depth. Therefore, your answer to this question should convey your love for a certain field of study.Keep in mind that your answer isn’t constrained to classroom subjects — if you read books about sports statistics on your own time, that’s a perfectly valid answer!In one of our team member’s successful Yale applications, he made a long list of things he liked, spicing it up with humorous items like “dank memes.” A list of things is a great way to answer this question; you can easily show your diverse interests in one sentence. Let Yale know with this question, but make sure it doesn’t contradict what your recommenders say about you!Another way to answer this question is by describing your personality. This prompt is a similar to a traditional “Why Major” prompt, however, 100 words is a very tight amount of space, and thus you need to be comprehensive and clear.One of the first colleges in America founded over three hundred years ago, Yale has since secured its position as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.As a member of the Ivy League, Yale sits at #3 (tie) on the Yale’s class of 5,500 undergraduates study in the city of New Haven, Connecticut.On the other hand, very few applicants will write about people like Paul Baran or Joseph Campbell.You can make your application stand out by mentioning someone unique.


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